National Parks Gift Guide

When looking for a gift for friends and family who love National Parks, you will want to find something that acknowledges and celebrates that passion.

Our gift guide gives you the chance to choose a gift that not just honours their love of the great outdoors, but honours our National Parks too, because their gift will be giving something back to the Park, as the proceeds from your purchase help Georgia’s National Parks.

We have wonderful ideas that can be used for any gift occasion from birthdays and anniversaries to marking ceremonies and achievements. Your second option is to give your loved one an item that will be remembered – check these ideas here and we’re sure you will like them a lot!

Donate to the National Park

Support Georgia’s treasured places in your loved one’s name and make a lasting impact for our national parks, today and for future generations.

Hiking kithiking_kit

From telescopes, to binoculars, to camp lanterns, and torches, there’s a wide variety of kit that will help you discover and explore our national parks in a new way.


Experience gifts allow your recipient, or treat yourself, to an amazing outdoors experience with a guided tour of our National Parks. For every National Park tour, a percentage of the fee goes to Georgia’s National Parks.

Travel Map

A map that shows the border region dividing Europe from Asia consisting of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, International Travel Maps has produced a very detailed map to guide for anyone visiting these three countries, showing roads, urban areas, physical features, and tourist attractions. It also includes inset maps of Yerevan, Tbilisi Inner City, Baku and an ethnography map.

Edge of Empires: A History of Georgia by Donald Rayfieldbook

Georgia also has one of the longest and most turbulent histories. This book deals with it all, including Georgia’s complex struggles with the empires that have tried to control, fragment, or even destroy it. A must read.


Georgia is said to have produced wine for eight-thousand years, making it one of the world’s oldest wine regions. Badagoni is one of Georgia’s largest wine producers, with the Kakhetian Noble made from the rkatsiteli grape. Or try Pheasant’s Tears Rkatsiteli from Gela Patalishvili’s 8 generation wine-making family. Patalishvili’s goal is to preserve traditional wine-making methods and all of his wines are fermented and aged in qvevri.

Map of Georgia Journal: 150 page lined notebook/diary

A lined journal for you to record your travel notes, thoughts, ideas and experiences. All with a map of Georgia on the cover.