Service & Facilities


National Park administration centres are located in Borjomi and Kharagauli. Their visitor’s service, as well as the Tour Operators located in Tbilisi, can supply you with further information about access, lodging and the park trails. They will also assist you in organising your next visit to the National Park.

The National Park itself offers park trails, basic facilities and further information material, and also arranges the local National Park Guides.

Further tourist services supplied by the surrounding villages, such as local transport and horse rental, can be either booked through one of the Georgian based tour operators (Contact) or arranged while in the region.

Hotels and small restaurants are available in Borjomi, Bakuriani and Abastumani. In the Kharagauli part of the National Park you can stay either at private accommodation or at the small National Park Guest House Marelisi (Accommodation).

Trails & Shelters

Currently, nine official tourist trails are operating on the National Park area. Along the trails, there are four tourist shelters with basic facilities and furnishings. Please bring your sleeping bag. There are no indoor cooking facilities, but fireplaces only.

There are also ranger shelters and stations located near the trails and entrances which may be used for overnight stays, if necessary.

At the park entrances there are picnic areas and campsites for visitors, as well as fireplaces and parking areas.

We strongly advise you to employ the services of the experienced National Park guides during your visit to the National Park.


Most of the trails are open to visitors from either April or May until October. They vary in length, duration and complexity and allow visitors to choose according to their personal preference, experience and physical abilities. The best time for plant enthusiasts is June, when a sea of flowers welcomes all hikers. A very special experience is to see the rhododendrons flowering in April-May on the Kharagauli part of the National Park. Breathtaking panoramas inspire landscape photographers in September and October, when the view ranges from the Black Sea to the Great Caucasus and every leaf is a flower.